My so called sisters!

Hey, brothers and sisters (Ohh yea, the so called ones). The so called ones, because you will have to know that not the love that we have but the blood that flows through our veins is everything that makes us siblings! “Complete shit”, you might think. Haha, you will know, you will know! Everything you will need to have is just an experience! Have taste in stories? The sad ones? The biographic ones? The moral ones? The silly ones? I don’t know in which genre I should place this in, but let me narrate you a drama that happened between me and my so called sisters!

Where did this story start? Obviously not yesterday! Because not all the stories begin and end on the same day! Let me drag you back to a decade. I was just a kid, and everything I felt was happiness and the little sadness to study. And just hang on, the story is about to begin. Have you ever had someone of your age to fight with you? Some one of your age to care? Fights behind the television remote? Some one who shares your room and pull your hair at times? Do you even know how it feels like? Well, I was just mentioning about a sibling that I never had in my life and so obviously there were no chances for those adorable or disgusting moments in my life. But, the regret of not having a sibling ruined my face with tears. It wasn’t​ a sibling either, it was a sister that I wanted. “Why a sister?”,you might ask. If you expect answers then probably I have got none. But everything I wanted was a sister. “Why can’t I have a sister?”,was the question that circled my mind and damaged my merry thoughts. “why can’t I have a sister?”, I asked my mom for the first time. “You can’t have one dear”, she said. “Why can’t I have a sister”, I asked her for the second time. “Everything is in the hands of God”,she replied. “Why can’t I have a sister?”, I asked a statue. And obviously statues never reply. After I finished living many regretful days, “why can’t I have a sister?”, was no more a question to be answered, rather it was a question that could ruin the smile that I had on my face!

Our lives are dependent on one mere thing which plays the lead role that has the powers to heal, the powers to hate, love and infinity. And it was the same time that showed me a solution. “Why can’t I have a sister?”, was answered. “Blood doesn’t make a relationship, but the love is everything that matters”, was everything that I started to believe in. And there came she. It was a need for me to talk to her. I called her a sister. And she called me a brother, but I never knew that the word brother that she called was just a name sake one. Days went, I fell in love with her. Own sister, she was to me. The only difference that I felt was she doesn’t live in my house. She didn’t come alone, she brought some one else too. And these two changed my complete life. “why can’t I have a sister?”, was a question that never lived in my heart. I had two of them I thought. One of them only saw the fights I had for silly reasons, rather she failed to see the love. The other one just failed to reach my expectations. Sister was never a word to me, it was something that I couldn’t explain, but it was something  filled with love. Not a problem, they were my sisters after all. If some one asked me if I had any sisters I would say yes and I would point them. And the mistake I did was to expect the same from them. The bond that I thought I had with these two was something more than special to me. But, I then realized that there never was a bond and it was just a name sake one. Sister is now a word of regret, not because that I don’t have any sisters but because I had those two as my sisters. Ohh yea, my deceptive own sisters.

All these days I was in a illusion of having my own sisters? Argh, the word sisters was once something that made me smile, but now it is something that fills my heart with hatred. The feeling that they never thought me as their own brother just haunts me with guilt. Expectations leads to disappoint, don’t they? If I could travel time, I would change either of the two things. The first one is the expectations and the enormous love that I had on them. The second one is, I would just go and change the probability of meeting them. The first is tough because expectations and love cannot be controlled. And so I would have gone with the second option. Boring story huh? Yea who cares? None of those two! But remember, love doesn’t make some one as siblings it is the fucking blood that makes it. And yesterday, a new question aroused in my mind, “Why didn’t I have any sisters?”.

Lots of love –  your so called brother!