The Avengers League!

It was the time of the reign where superpowers had a hold of the unruly earth in the human forms. No evil could sustain them, no supervillain could fulfil the dream to empower the living world. Most of them flied, some of them had the special abilities of insects and animals, most of their names ended with the tag of a Man, those who were intelligent lead their leagues, the task for those avengers was to protect and save. All they did was steal our human minds and each had a specific place for them in their hearts, as they were affectionately called as the SUPER HEROES.

There stood the fastest thing ever emerged in the universe, he was compared to Flash because of his speed that no light could win. “Yes, in deed”, he said with astonishment in his veins. “Unbelievable, but what could have been the reason?”, spoke a voice that belonged to a woman, whose tone wasn’t probably sweet but dark and deep. Her suit was a mere skirt, her sword was no less sharp than her mind, her beauty and all her abilities made her a wonder to their league. “All I have got is the miserable scene that I witnessed”, answered Barry Alan. “What was your need to visit the future kid?”, asked the king of the aquatic world. “Enthusiasm, I reckon. Never matters, my act might help us with prudence”, replied Flash. “Nothing can be sorted out from what you have seen, it would have been a trick. All we should do is wait and act”, added a voice. “I will go with cyborg, we should hold and I don’t think responding now isn’t a good idea but, what do you think we should do?”, reciprocated the wonder woman pointing her question to someone who stood there. The shadows of the night made him invisible, as he was the leader of their league that fought for Justice. Intelligence and humanity were his unique superpowers. His acts out played the acts of the powerful villains from circus and he was the bat whose echoes overcame the darkest side of the Gotham City and now he had come for the welfare of the world in the name of JUSTICE LEAGUE.

“We will figure it out”, said the bat in his usual sour tone and disappeared in the darkness without a hint. The league was dispersed with no signs of the extra terrestrial human who had the ultimate powers. Everyone knew that he was gone, but no one ever dared to let him from their hearts.

“We need a back up ASAP”, yelled Natasha on the microphone hasting towards a huge moving  meteor. “Can you give me a brief glance about the moving thing?”, responded a voice from the microphone. “Aye, sure captain! It looks like a meteor but with few exceptions like, it has a huge repulsive force surrounded by it. Hawkeye’s arrows couldn’t destruct it to an inch rather, his arrows are driven back at us with a doubled force and it is propelling towards the STARK INDUSTRIES“, she  detailed. “Oho, that isn’t a good thing for the so called meteor I reckon. Leave it’s trails, Tony will take the further lead”, said Steve with a smile.

There came the man made of IRON saying, ” Sorry, I don’t see any obstacle here, all I see is an unarmed huge kid’s playing ball”, pointing his palm that contained no lines but mini missiles. “Keiiiiiiiiiingg”, came the sound from his palm but before the missiles were fired the meteor doubled her speed and hit Tony and threw him to Washington. “Okay I am done with toys, btw this doesn’t seem to be New York”, thought Tony. “Negative from the Iron”, spoke Natasha.” But another huge green colour thing is getting towards the meteor”, she added. There came the HULK with his usual aggression flying towards the meteor hoping to catch it but hopes failed and he was thrown to the Washington too, probably next to Tony. “Ohh hey, here you are buddy”, welcomed Tony with his helmet off and a tea cup inside his arms filled with hot coffee. “Anyone else from our team or should we call the Justice League?”, asked the Black Widow. There came a huge lightning with a shout from some one who came from it. ” Forgot me?”, said it. His mighty indestructible hammer did all the work. “THUDDDDD”, broke out the sound when his weapon hit the meteor making it into pieces. “Puny humans, couldn’t even fight a toy”, smiled the hottest super hero landing on earth after a long vacation from it. “What happened to your long hair?”, laughed Hawkeye pointing his keen sharp eyes towards THOR. “I never tell long stories on earth”, God retorted. And the day ended with a feast and a get together with gossips and crispy talks that happened after a long time for the Avengers. The feast became fun for all of the team, except for the Captain America who seemed to be filled with hesitation.

“Aaaaaagh”, woke up Flash with a huge yell probably putting an end to the other’s sleep too. “The same dream?”, asked wonder women. “A nightmare I suspect”, added Aquaman. “Does anyone know how it feels like knowing that you will be dead in another 36 hours?”, the boy asked. “It is okay, that is not gonna happen until we are here with you. Bruce will take care of everything”, said she trying to convince him. “We will have to hurry up”, said the tensed boy leaving the sight with his normal top speed. “No wait”, she yelled,” He might be up to something and we must stop him at once before the boy does something stupid”. Cyborg and the other two left for the hunt. The movement and the deep thoughts, both never ended for the boy. The deep thoughts were dark and evil now.” What if I kill him before he kills me?”, was the only thought he had now. The three disappointed super living things were back with disappointment. “No signs of him eh?”, spoke the bat who entered the scene suddenly out of nowhere. “We should warn them”, said Cyborg. “I will do it, I will tell them not to hurt him even after the atrocities that he might do”, the beauty said. She informed Steve about the possible intentions of Barry but she never said him what he has witnessed in the future. Steve didn’t want to spoil the fun that his mates were having, and that probably made him hide the message he had received.

A day ago, when Barry desperately wanted to have a glance about his future went for it. Everything he witnessed there made himself miserable. At first he saw a whole lot of super heroes fighting but not for the same cause, rather they fought with each other. He was astonished, The bat fought the iron, and many more. But, what he witnessed next just changed the entire plot. He saw himself die in the arms of the Captain. Steve wasn’t there for his aid, as he was the one who killed Barry with his SHIELD that had hit the boy too hard that he fell. The fights stopped at once and everyone came for the aid but the boy was helpless as the others figured out that he was dead. This didn’t please him, he just turned his way back to the present and said his crew what he had seen. No one could find a hint about what would have been the reason for the happenings but they were all astonished with fear and despair.

Barry rushed to the S.H.I.E.L.D’s database. He was obviously able to get through the security with the super speed he had. He seemed to be tensed, he was less unaware and he was desperate to find the captain. There stood a man and Barry hurried to him. “Got ya”, he thought hurrying to the man attacking. He went and hit him and his speed had helped him push the man towards the wall with a strong thud. The man fell down and he never woke again. The siren began,” An unknown man in the base, in the 21st chamber.” Barry had a look at the man, and then he figured out that it wasn’t the one whom he was looking for. He was a worker in the base who had the structure of Steve and this made him filled with guilt. He urged himself out of the base before some one had caught him (Which is impossible  though). The avengers were too late to enter the scene, everyone had hate for Barry and went in search for him. There were no signs of Steve the whole day and that just failed to convey the message that Wonder Woman bestowed.


The only superhero who could at least try matching Flash’s speed was Quick silver and he helped the others to get hold of the boy. Whole of the avenger’s crew surrounded Barry near a sea shore and Barry had no way to go.  He was caught and there stood the men who were in support for Flash. Aquaman’s communications with the sea creatures had helped with Barry’s trails and they were in time. When Hawkeye went for Barry, it was Green Lantern who intervened and pushed back Hawkeye. The League with no batman on their side had the notion that they have rejected the wonder woman’s plea to hold the attack on Barry and they were literally ready for a fight. Scarlett witch used her powers on Green Lantern which was reciprocated by Wonder Woman and there the fight broke out between the two parties. Wonder woman fought the Black Widow, and Scarlett Witch on the other hand. Hawkeye and Quick Silver held Barry. Cyborg fought Hulk. And Aquaman had to go against Iron man and Thor. Each superhero from Justice League had to fight two of them and there entered Steve who was too late. Few seconds after he was noticed in the spot, he had to fight Green Lantern. Steve was hesitated to fight but he had no other go. When Thor and Iron Man were very powerful for Aquaman to handle, there came the bat flying, who had a good hold of Iron Man with his arms and flew far away from the scene. “Listen, I need you to know what is going on now. I need your support to end this now. To….”started Bruce. “IDGAF”, interrupted Tony and replied back with a missile from his arms. This spilt the two of them and the ill treatment and misbehaviour of Tony displeased Bruce and there broke a combat. Justice League needed some one for their aid, and there came some one from the sky. He had a cape that was coloured in red, with a symbol S in his suit. He threw everyone who came against him and stood next to Wonder Woman. “Was I late?”, he asked. “In time”, she replied. Thor took over Superman and the two non Earthians took charge of each other. Only Thor’s hammer could stand the powers of superman. No one tried to set the fight down, the two teams were busy hurting the others. No words crossed their lips, rather they replied each other with their powers. Flash lost control as he was filled with guilt and fear. This resulted in a vigorous behaviour where Flash attacked each and everyone in his way. The bat never had any intensions to hurt, so all he did was defend and this was taken as an advantage by Iron man and had got the bat down. “What was the reason for all this?”, asked Bruce to himself and he succeeded to figure the answer. “Flash”, he said. If not had been Flash to the future, there would have not been any situations that lays now. When the Bat realised this he hurried to Flash, to restrict himself from going to the future by saying the outcomes. When the bat had reached the Flash, there flew Captain America’s shield towards the boy. Flash was unconcerned about the threat and continued with his combat. The only superhero who can change everything could be him and if the shield hits him, everything will have it’s end. The two leagues would remain as rivals and that would be a major drawback for justice and to avenge the  world. Knowing all these things, everything that the bat wanted to do was stop. “Nooooooooo”, he yelled running towards Flash with some hopes and there the scene terminates.

My imaginations and dreams ended there, as I woke up from the best ever dream I had in my life. Yes, obviously it was each and every superhero fan’s dream that is never ever gonna come true. Everyone wants to see Batman and Iron man sharing the same screen in the same plot. Well, may be we will, Who knows!! And, coming back to the story, I will leave the climax to your thoughts. What would probably happen?? The answer lies within you. And, which side are you in? In seek of Justice, or to Avenge? Comment below!


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