The Mayhem Mysteries!

Greetings everyone. SCIENCE, something that I reckon in, answers many of the questions that we doubt but, those that cannot be answered is what some one calls a MYSTERY. The mysteriously created mysterious world contains a mysterious number of mysteries and here are few things that I reckon can blow your mind too!

One of the mystery that the whole nation is curious about is the reason behind the assassination of Bahubali by Kattapah. Well, as I didn’t enquire much about it, I suppose that it is gonna stay as a mystery until the film hits the screens.

The Bermuda Triangle:

One of the mysteries that someone’s brain consents them for anything to reveal about it is the mystery that is mentioned above in the bold font. As far as I am concerned I would be delighted to call it as the Goosebumps Triangle rather than the Bermuda/Devil’s. As it is one of the most famous mysterious mysteries there might not seem much of a necessity to mention much about what the triangle does but here is a brief glance about it for those who wants to glance at it again.


An area in the shape of a triangle that states itself in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean is where the mystery lies.The mysterious triangle has got some supernatural powers of disappearing things that passes through it. No matter what the medium is, the material is if something passes through it, well that is it, the traces are lost. This enigma that has produced chaos in the scientific industry came into view a century ago when naval or airlines that passed through the three-sided shape disappeared leaving no hints.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Scientists have tried many near related answers for the mystery but, none of them made real sense when they faced the contrary by others. Few believe that the blame is on the weather, few believe that the gulf stream that has high force drives the floating object along with them. “Human error is what that is “, say few. But these doesn’t seem to make any appropriate sense as the objects were never ever found again.

Yet, there are other assumptions that might be related to the enigma. The compass usually points the needle in the normal north direct (Towards the magnetic field lines), but in the mysterious triangle the needle is pointed towards the true north (A direction that a compass’s needle never points at). This makes a relation between the triangle’s magnetic field error and the mysterious cases. Other sources say that the Lost world of Atlantis(Something that already stays as a mystery) is related to the triangle’s mystery too.

bermuda triangle underwater pyramid1

No scientist has ever succeeded in finding an appropriate answer for the triangle even though it has been a century since we have found it’s existence and that is why it still stays as one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Scientist aren’t the only one who are involved in this but, few directors are involved too. Steven Spielberg in one of his films manifested that this a place where aliens abduct (Seems legit too). Few say that the triangle acts as a passage between earth and Mars or any other place (Sounds kinda funny right? But, note it is the miracle in the name of science that we are dealing with). Hope some one reveals the mystery before I die because I don’t want to die with the curiosity that this triangle has already produced within me.

The Mysterious World Of Atlantis:

The Greek mythology, with it’s Gods and tales has already got the curiosity out of many of the archaeologists out there but, there are yet many mysteries unresolved in the mighty philosophies. Atlantis isn’t something that you would be hearing for the first time and that has her name in the account of the mighty mysteries that lay unidentified.

images (2)

Atlantis is believed to be a fictional place  by many of the archaeologists and scientists that had made it’s appearance in most of the popular movies and shows. It contains mermaids and other unidentified creatures that stole most of the human hearts. But, does that really exist? “It is just a fiction and nothing else”, is a reply you would get from some of them who have researched but, there are yet others who have their deep notions for this enigma!

Plato is notable for his admiring works in the history. One of his uncompleted works lead to the theory of Atlantis. In this he mentioned about an island that was described as a large one in the size of a continent with beauty in each of it’s texture and sculptures. It was believed that the island submerged and lost into the deep sea because of some reasons. This would lay as the interpretations for the beliefs of the mysterious lost island.

images (3).jpg

Researchers who went in thoughts of finding the city into the deep blue oceans were retreated with broken and sank ships and with no signs of the continent. The assumed geography of the submerged continent is yet an other mystery. It is believed that the continent lies somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea or  at many other parts of the mysterious globe. But, the most believed assumption is the Atlantic ocean and the name for the ocean might even be originated from the lost city(Who knows!).

images (4)

The mentioning of Atlantis in Plato’s work stays as the major source of notions for the existence of the eighth continent. Yet, there are many sources that give life to the believes of the existence of unidentified and peculiar sea creatures like mermaids that might have come from the mysterious lost world of Atlantis. The mysterious sea world isn’t fully explored and so there are even chances for the existence of the lost world. May be all we have to do is wait and wait.

The reincarnated girl:

“What happens after life?”, has no perfect answers till now.  Few people believe the idea of reincarnation and few just think it as a contradiction.  It is believed in the Hindu religion that the soul is eternel no matter to which body it belongs to and thus there is an other life after one other. There weren’t any proofs for this notion until the 19th century where a girl named Shantha Devi was born.


Shantha Devi,  was born in the earliest years of the 19th century in the city called Delhi, which is popularly known as the capital of the Indian sub-continent. When she was four years old she claimed herself to be the wife of a merchant named kedar Nath. She even allegedly said that she was a mother and she had lost her life ten days after the birth of her child.  Her parents didn’t seem to care much at first but when the continued abnormal behavior of the child lead to investigation of kedar Nath. Astonishingly there lived a man named with same name living the same life that the child had described.

images (1).jpg

Further, when kedarnath pretended as the brother of Shantha Devi and met her for the first time,  she recognized him and her child soon after seeing. Surprisingly,  the girl recognized each and every one who belonged to Kedarnath’s family . The girl was believed to be reincarnated into Shantha Devi after the death of Lugdi Devi(The wife of Kedarnath).

 This case is hard to believe,  as incarnation is one of the superstitions this world contains but,  there were proofs that the reincarnated girl really existed and she had had traces of her past life.  The girl was interviewed by many people from all over the world and this case had hit the whole city very high and soon that even Mahatma Gandhi had ordered to research about the reincarnated girl. 


But,  there might even be many other beliefs that can be replaced into the case instead of the term reincarnation. There are many more weird cases in the history of the mysterious  humans. Well,  no one knows whether the girl has really reincarnated or if there lies something else behind it.  Until the exact and appropriate reason behind this is found, this might remain as a mystery for those who doesn’t  believe in reincarnation (Like me).

Jack The Ripper:

Most of the murder cases stay as a mystery but,  there were not many that remained unresolved like the one you are gonna read about. In between the years of 1888 and 1991, there occurred a series of abnormal murders where women of a specific profession were killed brutally. The murders were listed as one of the most mysterious cases of the history and none could find a hint about who the killer was. The incident still remains as a question mark even after its been a century since the pathetic murders took place.

images (4).jpg

Jack The Ripper, that is no less terrifying than the murders that took place in the consequent years, was the name given to the alleged murderer. In 1888, the incidents took place with in a very less span in Whitechapel, a town that belonged to London. The killer had a specific and unknown grudge for the prostitutes which lead to the occurrence of five consequent kills making a history in the crimes. There was even an observed specific pattern in the ways the kills took place.  The prostitutes were first cut in their throats from left to right. That wasn’t everything, the killer didn’t only want them die, he expected much more,  as he even ripped off their abdomen and took away their internal organs. He had a keen interest in the reproductive organs of the women.  No one could even find a clue about why the organs were taken and what had been done with them.

images (2)

After the first two murders took place,  the investigation went on seriously  in each and every single house that belonged to the town. Many were suspected but none were given the act of guilt. In spite of the investigation and the security that stayed in the town, there took 3 more further murders with the same killing pattern. Those five murders were credited to the same person who was never found.

Further,  after the sequence of these ferocious five deaths, there took place a few more in a different pattern. Few assigned these murders to the ripper too, but as they were of different signs they weren’t considered as his acts. These five murders were termed as the canonical five and investigations were carried out until the case was closed after few years with out any cuffs to the murderer’s hands.

images (3)

In spite of many suspects and examinations the identify of the unknown killer still stays as a mystery till date. The suspect’s list included everyone from professional doctors (due to the surgical skills of the killer) to street beggers but, none could relate the case to a specific person.  However, recently a teacher claimed that he had found who the killer was bestowing the blame on an author who mentioned the associated kills in his books. He is even reckoned to have a surgical experience and thus making him as one of the suspects but,  what if he had taken those murders as an inspiration in his works? Well, failing to find a brutal murderer who had taken five throats of women’s isn’t something that doesn’t satisfy some one and that makes it a mystery. The case of the canonical five, still gains the interest of those investigators and implants fear on those common people!

The Loch Ness Monster:

The world of secrets comprises of many living things that we see everyday and even those mysterious things that we might have only heard of and here lies one of them. If you had seen one of the Doraemon’s episode, you would have already had an idea about what this is about. Every single soul in this world knows that the mighty earth isn’t fully investigated and there might even be existence of undiscovered species that once lived here or that may dwell even today. One of those mysteries is the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.


Nessie, a sea monster in an unusual size that is allegedly suspected to be living in the Loch river flowing in the region of Scotland. There were even many proofs in the form of photographs and videos captured near the Loch river siting it’s existence. However, many of the scientists believe that the proofs are just hoaxes. The evidences might just convince you to believe the existence from an angle and the other side might just make you support the contrary.

images (3)

In modern times during the earliest years of the 19th century a couple claimed that they had seen a large unidentified creature passing in front of them near the Loch river. However, due to the lack of proofs the news didn’t turn out to be popular until a photograph broke out fear and curiosity which was captured the next year. This was noted as the first acceptable proof for the sea monster’s existence. This on the contrary was opposed by others saying that the photographer would have captured a wooden piece or a sea bird mistaking it for a monster. Followed by this photograph, there were many photos, eye witnesses and even videos until the 20th century siting the proof for the existence but, none of them seemed to be very clear to declare the sea monster’s life. The first clear proof in the form of photographs popped out and raised the hopes for the anonymous creature in the early years of 2000. There were even many sonar detections that stay as a strong proof. Moreover, there are still disputes and contradictions stating that the captured form would have been elephants, algae, sea birds, eels  etc.

images (2)

In spite of the proofs that were produced in the form of videos, pictures and sonar radiations over a century failed to prove the existence, since no one ever found the creature when they went in search of it. May be the creature belongs to an other universe and might visit here at times. The creature might be living out there or it might just be a human illusion, only the mysterious time can reveal this enigma that lays behind the Loch river in Scotland.

The Cecil-Girl Mystery:

Cecil, one of the very popular hotels in LA, which has a large number of mysterious murders than the visitors it had is where this incident took place. Unsolved cases weren’t new in the inn but, this case was something no one could even pass to find a single clue behind the case.

images (3)

Elisa Lam, a girl who was in her early twenties after having a good trip in the large lovely city of LA checked into Cecil all alone. After few days of her good stay in the hotel, astonishingly the girl disappeared with no signs of her whereabouts. Since there weren’t any messages from the girl, her parents informed about her to the LA police and the search mission for the missing girl took place. After a week of clueless investigation, they found the last appearance of Elisa Lam in the hotel before she went missing. The CC-TV footage in the elevator recorded the last appearance of Elisa, however unlike all other evidences and traces this one wasn’t usual.

Elisa entered the lift with no company by her side and started clacking the elevator buttons. Her face was very terrified with fear and she started to hide herself from something that caused her this impression. She stated herself to one corner of the elevator and on the other side the elevator’s doors stayed open. The girl hurried outside with an abnormal behavior (moved with unusual steps and abnormality) and seemed to look for some one with terror. Suddenly, she broke out into an act of resisting something or someone for some time and reentered the elevator and clicked all the buttons that the elevator contained. She then exited the elevator and moved out of sight. After the girl was gone, the elevator door closed with an alternative opening for a few number of times on its own.


The footage added much terror and bigger chaos to the case, leading the case relation to paranormal activities. But, later Elisa’s parents reveled that the girl had a bipolar disorder which they kept as a secret that helped in answering the abnormality of the girl in the elevator(which was a mere assumption). Few suspected that girl was on drugs or there really existed some one or something that the girl tried to escape from.

images (2)

Later, during the time of the missing incident, the guests complained about the colour change in water, food taste etc, which lead an employee to check the tanks of the hotel and there, in one of the four tanks lied the decomposed naked body of Elisa. The mystery is how the body got into the tank as no one could get to the locked terrace without any permission of the employees. Another question lies about how the girl managed to get into the to of the tank which was of a very great height where even the employees used a ladder to get to the top. The autopsy reports had revealed that the death was caused due to an accident. Moreover, even after the death of Elisa her blog was active for few more months. The phone that the girl owned was never found after her death but, the scheduled posts option could answer the question to the posts that were updated after her death. However, the mystery behind the behaviour in the elevator and about how the girl managed to get into the top of the tanks remains unresolved till date! (You can even find the elevator tube in YouTube). And the most puzzling thing is that in a thriller movie that was released nearly a decade ago since the death of  Elisa there is a most relating scene to the drowning of the girl in the tank and the girl’s name was Cecil.

The Ghost Ship:

There has to be a reason behind each and every death that occurs in the enigma filled world, and if there aren’t any appropriate answers for the death of a whole crew boarding in a ship, perhaps that will be a conundrum. The seafaring history might have had a large number of puzzled tragedies but, the one that shook the whole world is the tragedy of this ghost ship. Unlike every other incidents that has its name accounted in the list of the water ways tragedies, this tale remains as one of the most strenuous unresolved puzzles in the history.

bermuda triangle underwater pyramid1

Ourang Medan, sailing with her captain and his crew which lost it’s communication during it’s voyage has left us a tale that the whole world can speak for decades. Few days after the signals were cut off to the Ourang Medan, a ship encountered the traces about the lost boat in it’s way and the members of the crew were astonished to see the tragedy that happened to it. When they went to investigate the ship, they failed to sought a single soul in the ship that was alive. Each and every member of the crew laid dead on the bout with terrifying expressions on their faces. Astonishingly, there weren’t any bruises and injuries on the bodies of the men, rather all they had was fear in each of their organs that their body carried.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The boat didn’t give the guests much time for investigation as fire broke out soon from a part leading the ship to a terrible explosion leaving the guests to abandon before the ship was fully probed. This resulted in the failure of finding the exact causes for the explosion of the ship that took place and the puzzled deaths in it leading it to mere assumptions. As the death couldn’t relate itself to an accurate and specific idea, assumptions took place making the incident associate with paranormal activities blaming it on spirits and other ghosts. Few other assumptions had put forth making UFOs responsible for the incident.


However, the most accurate reason that was given is that the toxic gases in the ship would have been released from it due to some technical problems causing the death and the explosion. But, due to the lack of proof the tragedy still remains as a mystery though recent sources have allegedly reasoned the toxic gases for the tragedy. Unsure, whether if that was a rumour but sources even say that the dead bodies of the crew members were pointing at something with terrified expressions that proved that they were even scared before the death relating it more to the paranormal activities making it a ghost ship.

The Extra Terrestrial:

The advent of life in this world of puzzles still remains as another enigma but, “is earth the only planet that sustains life?”, is a question that has to be answered too. In spite of many proofs where most of them are considered to be hoaxes the existence of these extra terrestrial life in this universe remains as a question mark. The science and technology that exists now in this modern world was invented centuries ago by the ancestors who belonged to the Hindu Mythology which can be related to the existence of extra terrestrial life which are otherwise known as aliens.

images (2)

Aliens, that are assumed to be living along with us in this not-alone universe, is something that still astonishes everyone. However, alleged proofs gives hopes of these unidentified extra terrestrial beings. Starting with the Hindu religion, those Gods that are worshipped by most of the Indians who are assumed to have super powers might be linked to the concept of aliens too. The most advanced technology that were mentioned in the tales of the ancient Hindu history possessed by the Gods make them nothing but aliens. Since people had no idea about the advanced technology of these so called humans, they would have worshipped as Gods is one of the mere assumptions. The existence of the nine planets neighbouring to earth (Though Pluto is unconsidered now) was a theory that was put by NASA very recently but there already exists a concept of Navagrahas (Nine-Planets) in the HIndu religion. The assumption of the nine planets centuries ago would have been strenuous without the existence of the modern technology. It has even be mentioned that Brahma’s (one of the Hindu Gods) one day’s life in his lokha (the place where he lives, which is merely assumed to be a planet)  is equal to a millennium in earth, and so what is the concept of INTERSTELLAR? And this might give us a clue about the existence of those who are not yet found. This concept can also be applied to the Egyptian, Greek and Roman Gods too.


Despites of the ancient histories in the world the modern technologies and researches too suspect the existence of their lives. One of the most mysterious and confidential work which are a part of Area 51, can also be suspected to the existence. It is believed that the works that are being processed in Area 51, a centre that is stated in America are trying to communicate with aliens. There are even alleged information that they might have been successful with their works and they have started the communication with aliens which is still kept confidential for some reasons. The phone call that RJ Art had during the late 90’s of the past century in his show where the caller claimed that he was a part of Area 51 which followed by revealing something about aliens could be taken as one of the proofs for the works in that are being conducted in Area 51  (Which might have even been a hoax to increase the publicity of the programme though). The puzzle for the existence of aliens stays as an enigma but the information about the Are 51, remains as a mystery in another mystery. If the crew in Area 51 was successful in making contact with aliens, that might be one of the reasons why Americans are above  many other countries in technology.

Unidentified Flying Objects, commonly known as UFOs stays as one of the hopes for their existence. Though there were no accurate proofs for the UFOs there have been many claims stating that they have seen something in space and there have been cases where people have claimed that they were abducted by the UFOs though after investigations the cases were declared to be results of disorders of the claimants and even few were declared as cases claimed for popularity and money. Even though there were few photographs of these unidentified flying objects, there were given accurate explanations and few are considered to be hoaxes. However, UFOs stay as an other mystery within a mystery.


There are even few videos which were unusual and couldn’t be found where their origination came from that makes the research most suspicious. The wow signal stays as another expectation for the alleged species.There was a signal that was transmitted from the out century in the past century which couldn’t be decoded even after many tries and the signal was popularly known as Wow Signal. There have even been sayings stating that Leonardo Da Vinci learnt modern living style and technologies from aliens in the forest where he stayed for few years leading him to design the modern inventions like copters and others in the less advanced era itself.

Aliens might even be living with us, may be one of your friends or teacher and those neighbours who are very keen on your doings might be one of their category too. There might even be chances for this blog writer to be an alien too (Just kidding though). But, among the many mysterious search mission, this one for the search of the most advanced living beings still creates insomnia in many people due to the unidentified living mystery.

The Somerton’s Mystery:

The death of Elisa Lam at least fulfilled in pleasing people with some basic and appropriate assumptions, but the theory behind the Somerton’s mystery was never even closer to predictions. Every one has their own identity but if there exists a man with no clue about who he was that would be him, the man who was found in the Somerton beach in Australia. The case is also popularly known as Tamam Shud, not because it was the man’s name but since it was the only clue that was found to proceed the investigation.


December 1, 1948 was the date where the mystery originated after a man was found dead in the Somerton’s beach in the early morning. The most surprised part is that, the death of the man was unidentified since the absence of any type of bruises on his body. Further, for a clear investigation about the case the body was sent for autopsy report which didn’t have any success in revealing the mystery behind the cause of the death. On the other side of the plot, when the police tried to find the identity of the man failed without even a single hint on their files making it a big question mark till date. No one were found in the records who resembled him with the finger prints and other identity revealing commonalities thus making the identity of the man a mystery.


However, the case didn’t stop as they found a torn piece of paper in the man’s pocket with the words  saying Tamam Shud. It was then discovered that the torn piece of paper belonged to the last page to a copy of a book that was encountered by the police who were in search of it for a clear investigation and to proceed the case further. However, the backside of the last page from where a piece of paper (Containing Tamam Shud) was torn had something that added much interest to the mystery. It contained scrambled letters giving the police no clue about what they were. Further investigations suspected the letters for a code that was never decoded by any of those genius minds who gave it a try.

bermuda triangle underwater pyramid1.jpg

Accompanied by the letters there even was a number which lead them to an anonymous women named Jessica who revealed that she had no idea about who the dead man was and what was with her number in his book. Investigators said that Jessica felt hesitated to talk about the case of the dead man making her suspicious for knowing his identity. However, it had come out that Jessica had a copy of the same book which she gave to one of the officer’s with whom she worked, thus suspecting the two books to be the same. This lead to an assumption that the co-worker of Jessica to whom she gave the book was the man who was found dead. But, a year later a man was found alive who was none other than the co-worker of Jessica and the book was still safe with him with the last page untorn.

After the man was buried, there were flowers found  on his cemetery and when investigated no one could find the answer for who had placed them there.  In a recent investigation one of the closer relations to Jessica revealed that Jessica didn’t want to talk about the dead man in spite of knowing his identity. Recently an identity card was found with much similarities of the dead man and the photo in it. The man in the identity card was found to be H.C. Reynolds, which was the only known identity of the card’s owner after unsuccessful investigation about who this man was making the case complicated even after finding a clue. The identity of the man and the reason behind the death still remains as a puzzle making it one of the strenuous cases that the history ever experienced.

Pheww, this would be pretty much enough for curious minds for sleepless nights, however the fact that there are still undiscovered things in this world still haunts me. But, wait a second there might be millions of unsolved questions that belongs to the mysteries of this world, and what if the whole solar system is taken into account? How many more are hidden without our concern? Well, that is really so mysterious!!


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