The reasons behind the infinity colours of HOLI!!

Hola, and today as you would have known here lies the festival of Holi, probably one of the most entertaining festivals originated from the Hindu religion. As few calls it ‘The Festival Of Colours’, and those romantic couples out there call it the ‘The Festival Of Love’ and those deep devotees call it as ‘Rangoli’ but, where did the origin of Holi came from? If you have no idea, well I reckon you are gonna know something new for this Holi.


Holi, which has become an universal festival as it has been celebrated by people from most parts of the world has originated from the mighty Hindu religion. There are many religious beliefs for the origination of the festival of colours! First and the foremost story is related to Lord Vishnu and his devote Prahaladha. You would have probably been through this story but for those who don’t there lies a brief outline of the Hindu legend. Long ago, during the times of kings when people used to be immortal there lived a king named HiranyaKushpu. The King was granted with a wish that he can never be killed in the mighty space(air), any region of land(earth), by an animal or a human. The mortal king thought that his boon would make him live even after the existence of the earth and thereby his pride of immortality made him think that he himself was the God. His own son being a whole hearted devote of Lord Vishnu disagreed the notions of his father’s. When HiranyaKushpu asked his son to worship him as the God, the kid whose heart had a deep desire for Lord Vishnu rejected it which resulted in torturing the boy with cruelty by his own father and aunt Holika. Though the deep darker thoughts of the evil siblings resulted in many acts of torturing Prahaladha, they had no results except for disappointment and vain. Among many of the evil acts, one of those resulted in the death of Holika and thus the victory over the evil (including the death of the evil king,Hiranyakushpu) resulted in the celebration of Holi.

Among many of the tales related to the origin of the festival of love, there lies the second one which is probably for the category of lovers. During the reign of Lord Krishna, who had a dark blue skin tone, the origination starts. The mischievous and romantic Lord Krishna to disguise himself from his skin tone bestowed himself with colours applied by Radha on his face. This in turn became an engaging act in the village, and thus spread to the whole country.

No science can prove if the myths are true, but it has been a very good source for me in writing this article! No matter where you belong to,  which religion it is, it is a day for those broken hearts, it is a day for those loved ones, it is a day for those sweet and colourful families and it is a day for every soul in this colours filled earth! Happy Holi everyone..! Have a colourful day with those colours not only in your face but in your lives too!

References: The world of internet and the wisdom of my grandma!!


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