Chapter 7- The Red Trunk!

He stood in front of the red trunk bewildered. He had those too sharp and keen eyes which were wanting to find something from it. It looked like an ordinary coloured metal box with a lock that probably didn’t seem to give them any signs of the key.stanley-case-works-large-steel-trunk-red.jpg


“Found anything?”, asked Baishu  who came from behind.

“Not a thing but there ought to be a key for this.”, exclaimed the boy.

“Lock and key eh?”, entered Fred accompanied by George.

“Who called you two to a business you don’t belong to?”, asked Moon looking at them with a glum look.

“It was me. If you are gonna ask me what for, well I don’t think you can do everything by yourself.”, replied Baishu.

“I can, with or without anyone”, called out Moon.

“Don’t be a stubborn ass Moon, you are in need of us and even you know it”, said Baishu for which no one gave a reply. Everyone’s dirty hands and keen eyes were on the box.

“I reckon we need a key to open the lock”, said Baishu.

“A strong stone might do it as well”, cried out Fred who had a large stone in his pocket (Though no one could find out why). ‘Tuccck Tucck’, they hit the lock and they got nothing except for two stones now.

“I have seen this shape somewhere”, added George. “Ohh well yea, I know where the key is”, he ran and came with a box.

“Ey that is mine”, yelled Fred seeing the box. When George opened the box there was a key that seemed to fit the lock.

“Where the hell did you find this Fred?”, asked Baishu.

“Well I have a very bad habit of stealing things that I admire”, he said.

“What is it with this key, then?” she replied.

“Look at it, it is beautiful, isn’t it?”, he said with an embarrassed expression on his face. Moon held the key and opened the lock with ease. When the trunk was opened, everyone were shocked to see what the trunk contained.

“What the hell is this?”, muttered Moon with a very sad tone. When everyone had a look at the box, they were shocked to find that the box was empty. Not even dust filled the box. All their faces looked dull and glum as their hopes were jiggered and they had no idea about what had to be done.

“Is there something invisible in the trunk?”, asked Fred.

“You say so, but I can’t see anything invisible” replied George, ” but the key just looks like your long disgusting nose Fred”.

“We twins have alike nose, Mr.Intelligent”, retorted Fred.

“Look, who is speaking, ‘Bewlooooowed two keeei’ eh?”, laughed George.

“Argh! Time to stop guys, it’s seriously annoying”, yelled Baishu. “Hurray! That is it”, interrupted Moon who seemed as if he had cracked something,”Belongs to the Caspian uh? You twins are so intelligent”.

“I know right”, jinxed the twins with a pride on their face.

“Pack everything we need and get ready everyone, we are leaving in an hour from now”, added Moon.

“What is it Moon?”, asked Baishu.

“Well, remember the last words my grand father said? He said that the red trunk would show me a path, so there is nothing to do with what the trunk contains in it, isn’t it?”, he started “and the old man we saw in the forest is none other than my father I suppose. Moreover, the trunk doesn’t belong to the King Caspian but, it must be my father’s who was probably named after his ancestor. My grandfather never wanted us to find the red trunk, rather he helped us with a clue in finding the path to my father”.

“GENIUS”, muttered Baishu who seemed to be prim.

“George, Moon has developed a lot and I reckon he will soon become a genius like one of us”, cried Fred.

They didn’t delay much as they started soon after they had completed their lunch. Fred and George ate as if that was the last time they were eating. Their horses were too fast and they planned to reach the hut before the night. They didn’t dare to have any halts in between, having the haunted nights in the forest in mind.

“I hear the sound of an other horse’s trot”, said Baishu who stopped suddenly and seemed to pay a clear attention to the surroundings. “Who is it?”, she yelled.

“Hallucination I suppose,” added Humperclamp who popped out of one of the bags Baishu had.

“I think the same too, and we don’t have much time Baishu, its already getting late”, added Moon who continued to lead the way. They reached the hut soon after dawn and everyone seemed tired except Moon who was very excited to meet his father. He ran to the hut and knocked the locked hut.

“Visitors eh? I have got none, you are probably in the wrong place”, came a voice from the hut.

“It is you whom we have come to meet Caspian”, yelled back Moon.

“Caspian? Who is it?”, asked the voice and there the old man opened the door even before Moon’s reply.

“It is your son”, Moon said to the old man who stood very near to him.

“My son? But, how do you want me to believe you? What if you have come in disguise kid?”, asked the old man.

“I reckon none will claim to be your descender for the large hut you own Mr. Caspian”, said George in a sarcastic tone.

“Well, come in”, the old man welcomed Moon with a hug and tears on his face. The old man offered them some biscuits with a warm tea and started,” How did you find that I am your father, did your grandfather say you?”.

“He isn’t here anymore father.” muttered Moon.

“The curse eh? I know this would happen one day. The same thing will happen to me and you and to everyone who holds our bloodline”, he replied.

“Doesn’t this have an end?”, asked Baishu.

“End? That would be the funniest part of all”, replied the old man.

“Giving a try isn’t wrong, is it?”, asked Moon in a high voice.

“Of course it is.”, the old man started,”Do you think you know the whole story? Ever wondered why you lived all this years with those Smith’s family? At least once,thought of your mom?”. Everyone looked puzzled and the old man continued again.

“Everything was perfect and better. Me and your mom were in cloud of nine when you were born. Celebrations began and that was the time your grand father had put a full stop to the smile I had, by telling me about the curse that I was going to bare one day. There were nights with nothing but nightmares. I couldn’t imagine leaving you both and thither I started hearing those voices. ‘Revoke me and I will put an end to the curse’, it said. They became very intense as days went and the will to live made me follow things what the voices said. No one knew what I was doing. I prepared everything to revoke the witch and one fine night, I followed the spell that the voices said to me, in a room with complete darkness except for the very dim light that the candle produced. The candle was bright enough until the last word of the spell was spoken. The light became so dull and thither aroused a spirit from the flame that the candle produced. “Want to live eh?, Hahahahah”, laughed the spirit and that is when your mom entered the scene with you in her palm. I rushed to her and took you into my arms and told her to run but it was too late for it, the spirit rushed and possessed her body. “Hmm, feeling back alive.”, it said,” And now, give me the child whose death would bring back all my powers. I then realised the mistake I did and I couldn’t find any solution to escape from her except running. It was past dawn but she didn’t fail to follow my trail. I reached an upstream of a hill where there was a couple who seemed to be camping  in the forest. I had no other choice to save you except for leaving you there, near the camp. I dared not to waste a minute, so I failed to handover you to them with a word about who you are. I picked a nearby wood and pretended as if it was you in my hands and ran towards a direction far away from you. She caught me finally and when she realised that it was just a piece of wood, she left saying that she would kill me soon after she had killed you and with a fierce scar on my forehead.”

Everyone failed to notice the scar the first time they saw the old man, but now the clear view of it gave them a dim look on their face. No one now dared to see the witch who seemed to be very vigorous. They then realised that she was trying to seek her power back and the story gave a very pale expression on their faces.

“Where is mom now?”, Moon asked.

“No one knows except for the witch. Anyway, it is just the body that belongs to your mom. It isn’t her anymore.”, replied the old man.

“Why don’t you try finding her then?”, asked Baishu.

“There is no place that I failed to visit in search for her child”, said the old man.

“Probably you should search for her in the places that you don’t know”, said George.

“Exactly, this the only good thing you had said in your life George”, said Moon,” we are leaving the hut tomorrow and I know where to find the witch”.

“Where on earth is that place?”, asked the old man.

“My dreams, I reckon, is the map”, said the boy who seemed to be excited.

“Well, you guys continue.  I am not going in search of an other vain”, came the old man’s reply.











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