Chapter 5-The Lucid Dreams!

“Earth? You are in the place where you ought to be, my child”, was the last thing Moon had heard from the disappeared man. He couldn’t look into the gleam as it was too bright but he dared to move towards it. He had no sensation of feeling while moving towards it. It seemed like moving into fire that doesn’t hurt. He didn’t know where he was going but when he had opened back his eyes, there appeared a forest that gave him déjà vu. He remembered that place very well but failed to recall it.

“Follow me”, said the old man, who came out of nowhere.

“Where am I now?”, asked Moon.

“A place where you have been already. Don’t dare to ask anymore questions, because none of them is gonna be answered.”, said the old man.

Moon wanted to ask him who he was but the answer the old man gave had shut his mouth. Everything Moon knew about the old man was about his looks. He had a shaggy hair and grey beard. The dress he wore was a type that Moon had never seen. His looks were majestic and on a whole he looked more royal. Moon followed the old man’s trails.

“Do you believe in Caspian?”, asked the old man.

“Well, at first I had no interest in believing in all those stories about the witch and the king but..”, started Moon.

“Shut up kid. Yes or no?”, interrupted the old man.

“I think its a no”, said Moon.

The old man gave a sarcastic smile which muddled Moon even more than he already was. Moon didn’t like the old man as he was very unkind that bestowed a negative impression on him. They were going in the forest with no halts in between. It seemed long, it looked like it had already been a day but there never came the moon. Rather Moon (the boy) wasn’t tired too. Each and every thing he saw in the forest gave him a feel that he had seen them already.

“You are in the place where the witch was tried to be slaughtered.”, said the old and continued pointing a hut,” And that my son is the hut where she lived.”

Now he remembered everything as it was the place where Moon had been with his friends in search for the red trunk and the hut resembled the same as the one where they had stayed that night. Then he realised that the hut where they had lived was the hut where the witch was slaughtered which probably gave a bitter feel to him.

“Tried to be slaughtered? what do you mean? wasn’t she killed”, asked Moon curiously.

“Haha, killed? Well, you are very keen in knowing things you don’t believe in”, smiled the old man.

Each and every moment with the old man bewildered Moon. They were no more in the forest and the day light which was very bright till now had just vanished in a second and there was nothing except darkness.

“What’s happening”, asked Moon, as he was unable to see anything for which he had no answer.

He kept moving forward in a random direct and he felt the sensation of falling from the sky. And there he was, back in his room. He was panting, and it took some for him to realise what had happened.

“A nightmare”, he thought to himself. He had no idea what was going. He was out of his bed and he didn’t dare to sleep again. He passed the night which was almost over and there came Mrs. Smith’s voice.

“Come on baby, time to rise and shine”, it said.

Moon had his routine day. His days were too slow. He had no will to stay there as they were too boring for him. As the day had passed it was time for the boy to go to bed. He was fast asleep and there it started again.

“Welcome back my child”, said the old man (He was the first thing Moon saw after he went to sleep).

“What is all this?”, asked Moon, “Why am I having these dreams that seems to have continuation.”


“They aren’t just dreams my son, they aren’t just dreams”, he replied with the usual smile he gives and said to follow him. They were near the witch’s hut and they started to move towards those hills that they could see. They didn’t meet anyone on their way. It wasn’t day this time and though nothing was there to be scared in their path. Moon heard voices of a woman speaking in a language he didn’t know. Those voices were growing more and more, which Moon didn’t like. He wanted to stop the journey. He tried shutting his ears and did everything he could to get rid of those voices but none of them worked.

“Those voices belong to the witch”, the old man said, “Think about some one whom you love the most, who can divert you from all those pains you have. That would help.”

It was Baishu, Moon had thought about. Her beautiful smile was in front of his eyes. He didn’t get rid of those voices but they weren’t intense anymore. They had a very long journey where they first crossed a river that didn’t make them any wet, even after they got into it. Everything looked like pure magic and Moon had no feeling that he was in a dream.

It was alternative. He had those dreams every day. He was in his bed even before he realised that his dreams were ending. He thought them as LUCID dreams. He liked those dreams as they were adventurous, those that kept his life interesting. After he had come from the village he didn’t interact much with his parents or anyone. He was waiting for the day to be back in the village.

His dreams continued. After they had crossed the village that didn’t even induce a single drop on their body, they reached a town called Sarowar. Moon saw people who were very loyal. It was a beautiful town. The civilisation was very different from the one where Moon belonged to. It was so calm, there were children playing with knives that resembled those knives the kings had in the olden times. Moon had a fruit that was offered to him by the old man who plucked it from a nearby tree. He never ate such delicious thing in his life. No meat could replace it. He wanted to eat an other one and glanced at the old man.

“As many as you want”, said the old man pointing the tree.

Moon plucked a fruit, and had a bite of it. This time the fruit was so delicious than the first one. His desire for the fruits never ended and so there wasn’t an end to the fruits in the tree too. Each time Moon plucked a fruit, there aroused a new one. The old man forced Moon to go with him. Moon didn’t want to leave the tree but he had to. Moon wanted to go back desperately and the old man didn’t allow him. His thirst for the fruits grew big. He completely became insane for a while. He even tried to get back to the tree but the strong old man had a very good hold of him.

“This would teach you a lesson my son”, said the old man.

“A lesson?”, asked Moon completely muddled.

“You will understand everything when it is time”, said the old man. His answer made Moon to be annoyed much as his curiosity couldn’t wait to know the answers for everything, but he didn’t ask anything anymore at that moment as his desire was still on those fruits.

After they had crossed the town, they reached a mountain. It was too high and the old man said,”This is where you will have to come when it is time boy”.

The old man started climbing the mountain without saying a word. But, his stare made Moon to understand that he had to follow him. He had an experience in climbing tiny hills when he stayed with his Master but, this one was very huge and seemed to be difficult. However he managed to climb it. It took a very long time for the climb and when they reached the top, the first thing Moon saw there was a dark cave.

“This would be the end of your dreams with me and this would lead you to end the curse”, the old man said.

“I don’t understand what you are saying. what is it with all this? Who are you?”, asked Moon who seemed to be demanding the answers from the old man.

“You want to know who I am? Its me, the one who had lost his parents when I was a boy. Its me who tried to avenge my parent’s death. Its me The King, Caspian The Great”, said the old man.

“You will know the answers for the rest very soon my child. I wish you luck”, he said offering him the sword he had into Moon’s arms (A sword that belonged to the king). The king was no more on the land, his body had a flight and he vanished into the air in the form of mist.

Moon started to move towards the cave. As he had his first step towards the cave, the light became dim and there accompanied heavy wind that drove him back. His steps were diverted backwards. He reached the edge and lost his balance to the wind. He fell back from the mountain and the light grew darker. He couldn’t see anything and as usual like how all his other dreams had their end, even this time Moon was on his bed. Falling from a mountain won’t give anyone a good feeling even if it had happened in dreams. Thus, Moon wasn’t delighted until he had a glance at the table on his right. Something that blew his mind stood there. There was the mighty sword that the king Caspian bestowed Moon. He was very delighted to see it and wondered if he was still in a dream.

That was one of the best things Moon was gifted with, but Moon was still curious to know the answers for all the questions he had. He was thinking for the probable answers for his questions and there interrupted a pigeon from the window into the room. It had a letter tied to its toes. He was curious to untie the letter as it was the first letter Moon had had in his life. This made him wonder about who had wrote him the letter. He opened the letter and it said,

Dear Moon,

Its been a long time since you have left. I reckon that the time has approached for you to return back. There will be Fred and George in front of your house the next day to accompany you with your journey back to the village. We will be waiting for your arrival.


It was a very short letter, but the words meant a lot to Moon. He was very anxious about his return. He went to his parents to inform them about his return. They weren’t much interested in his return, as they never wanted him to get back. But, they didn’t dare to reject as they already knew about the stubborn Moon.

The excited Moon packed everything he needed for his return including the sword he was bestowed with. He was very delighted this time where as the first time, the same journey didn’t please him much. He was all set and was waiting anxiously for Fred and George to come. He didn’t mind leaving his parents at all. In fact he didn’t even care to come back. His anxiety on had made him totally forget about the LUCID dreams he had.


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