Chapter 3- The King’s Vengeance

Just few centuries after humans had evolved from apes, this story began. People weren’t much civilized but, they were civilized enough to have a king. There lived one, whose courage made wonders, whose wisdom was infinite, whose handsomeness was unconditional. There lived a beautiful woman, whose glamor made kingdoms fall fighting to own her. And, she was his queen. The king’s empire was vast. He was one of the best kings the world has ever seen (In fact you wouldn’t find a king like him in Narnia too).

One calm night, when you can even hear the sound of a rain drop there came a scream. The queen’s pleasant sleep was spoiled and she woke up the next instant.

“What is it my king?”, she asked seeing her king awake on the bed.

“I apologize for the disturbance my lady. But, I have had it again.”, answered the king.

“The same nightmare?”, she asked, for which the king nodded helplessly.

Years ago when the king was a kid, and when his father was at the throne, there came a lady into the castle. Her dress was untidy. She had a bitter face with shaggy hair. (If you ask what was the reason for the witch to come. The sins she made, the act of guilt she was supposed to have, the cruelty she caused were the reasons for the king to call her, I would say). She was the witch about whom the nearby kingdoms were scared of.

“Your majesty, I am here as you wanted. Now, would you please let me know the reason for my summation here?”, she asked.

“I didn’t call to have words with you lady”, said the king ordering his men to arrest her and prison her in the dungeon.

“Hahahahaha, imprison me in your filthy castle”, she said bursting into a laughter that unrelate to the situation.

“When its time for the moon to rise, and so the ground flies”, she screamed flying in her broom (Don’t ask me if what she said had any sense). Her wizarding words had worked, and there came a huge number of flies into the castle. Everyone were puzzled for the flies which came out of nowhere. But then, they had realised that they were coming from the floor, which seemed to be complete magic.

The witch was getting away from the castle. Seeing this, the king followed her and he was never seen in the kingdom again. Concerned about her king, the queen fell sick. None of them who went in search of the king had returned. The prince saw his mother die and that was the first and the last time he cried.

The merciless witch has given the king a past that he can never forget, a past that haunts him as a nightmare at present. The king thought to avenge his parents. He lead the crew himself this time. His last words to the queen before leaving were,” I may not return but, my lady, it is your duty to take care of the kingdom at my absence”.

He searched the whole kingdom for her, even those places where none had been before. Days passed, but he couldn’t find a clue about her. He had already lost few of his men, due to thirst and hunger. They were in a forest now. They had no directions to lead. They were in need of shelter (The necessity of food and water was more though).

“Sire, I can see a hut there”, shouted a soldier who came running to him.

“I reckon that we can ask for some help”, said the king leading the way towards the hut. They knocked on the door, which was opened by an old lady. She covered her face with a cloth that looked more like a hood. They were offered food even before they asked. The meal was served in plates to everyone. The king was having a word with his minister, while his men were having their feast. Something seemed to be concerning the king. The plates were in the same numbers of his men. It would be impossible for an old lady to cook for a bunch of people.


“Every one throw the food away”, shouted the king at once. But, it was too late. His men were already falling to the ground. They were then decayed (Not with micro organisms but with evil spirit). The witch now showed her face and burst into her usual laughter.

“In search of your dead father or in search to avenge his death?”, she asked.

The king knew that each minute he wasted would lead him to his death. The king didn’t answer the witch with his words, rather he answered her with his sword. He didn’t give her a second to think for her spell. Everything happened in seconds and the witch’s body was on the floor. The king heard the witch’s murmur and raised his sword into her throat. Something in the form of a black mist came out of her body and passed through the king and vanished.

The king returned victoriously with all his crew dead. The families who lost their husbands and sons during the adventure with the king were given good price and care. He was the KING CASPIAN THE GREAT (Great probably because of this adventure). As years passed, he was produced with a heir to succeed him in the throne. Unfortunately he couldn’t see his son grow, as he fell sick to something that couldn’t be cured by anyone in this world. No doctors were helpful, no medicine could cure.

As Fred and George had said, there were tales saying that the witch was trying to get hold of her powers back and avenge herself.







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