Those School Days!

My eyes were dampen with tears, my heart was jiggered, my thoughts were blurred, and there it was, the first day of my school. As everyone know, fear doesn’t always stay along the good side (as it was in my previous article THEY DON’T TALK ANYMORE, if you had read). The same fear, obviously is the only villain who stood with me, making me clumsy.


Days passed, and nothing changed. I had the same tears on my face, but with less intense. One fine day, before I couldn’t recognize it, they were gone. Those tears now changed into a smile. Those people who cried with me a few days back made me laugh and a new chapter of my life had just started.

Years passed, but couldn’t find a big change except for our looks. It was my mom, who was a pillow for my tears, a partner in every game I  played, a secret holder. But now, it wasn’t her anymore. A new family came, and FRIENDS they were. Later, I found the best of them and tagged them as ‘BEST FRIENDS’. If there exists love, there exists hate and so as it is friends here, it would be enemies this time. The fights I had and there arose, a new attitude and there came, a new slang and language.

A decade passed, and we weren’t called kids anymore. “Life could never get better”, I (we) thought. Except for those exams and studies, we had no regrets. We did things that we were said not to do. We shared our ideas, especially when we wrote exams. We bunked classes, we hated our uniforms, we had our first crush, but, all we wanted is our school life to end.

Nothing big passed this time, but, hither came the day. The day that made us look back at what we lived all those years. It was the last day of our school lives. The thought that there wouldn’t be anymore fun with friends, fights with enemies, arguments with teachers, showing off to juniors broke us. Those tears I had on the first day of the same school never mentioned that she would return back the last day too. We CLICKED pics, that remained in our gallery. We had hugs, that remained in our hearts and we had each other in our lives with memories and there came a full stop for that chapter that never began again.


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