The Tale Of The Man Who bears 7 On His Jersey!

Howdy! For those, whose smile is lit when they hear his name, whose heart’s beat competes a train when they see him walk on the field, who can’t stand on earth when the ball he hits sails the ground, who is prim on his leadership, who reckons that he can make wonders and even for those haters out there (the very few, who exists!), here is something about a man who has inspired me. And, for those (Just in case) who doesn’t know about whom I was typing late last night, here is just MSD for you! If you wonder about what I was writing, good, its not about his success that you know, its about the success in his failures that you have missed.


Well, I have no idea where to start. But, first of all I am very disappointed with Dhoni in the way how he surprises people. A fantabulous year was at it’s end, and there came a full stop to everything, his unanticipated decision it was and then no one ever saw him play in white attires again! “Everything has an end and so even legends do”, were the only words that comforted me.

Days went, and so a year, he was a father then (to a daughter he hadn’t seen after her birth), where a cup(the same one he had won the last time) awaits him! India lost, and no one spoke about his captaincy and why? Because, he could only reach semi finals! Its prim that only the winners make history. But, could anyone imagine of a team that had lost to an other team in the same place a few days back, that too, to a team that nearly stood last in it’s group, going to semi finals? That would just be a miracle nah? Yes, that was a miracle, a miracle that only a good captain can do! India was defeated by England (that just stood above Afghanistan and Scotland in their group during that worldcup) twice in the tri-series cup only a few days back. Just imagine how worse India would have been. Never mattered, he just took the same defeated team to a near win! There lies MSD for you.

“He couldn’t win a cup”, that is what they said, despite of the success he had in Australia! Another year passed, another cup it was, the one that he missed by an inch, a couple of years ago. Everything was going fine, until that one match where everyone became despair. Nevertheless, he stood there and Bangladesh’s men were the one who were given a send off and that happened only because of the cricket tricks (TACTICS I call), he knows! He couldn’t win this time too and no one ever talked about that match again, though he took it to semi finals.

He took India to finals in the T20 cup (Something that people has forgotten as the only reason was, he couldn’t win), that was held in 2014, they said, “it was luck”. He drove his team to semi finals in the forthcoming years, they would have said the same thing. But, reckon me no luck comes thrice consequently, and that too to the only captain who had already won all the cups! I didn’t take his IPL and all other records (that would probably make another article) into the list and still, do you want me to say the name of the world’s best captain? He might not, but if some one asks me that question, the answer would be HIM.

As people said and as I had mentioned many times earlier, “He couldn’t win”. So what? They were just cups worth glory and fame. Rather, each cup he lost all these years never mattered in winning a million hearts, worth love! No matter who claims the throne, a king will always be a king.  Thinking to stop as I don’t want the article to be dragged further more, because of the never ending love on MY CAPTAIN (Always, in my heart).


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