They Don’t Talk Anymore!

One fine day, when everything was perfect between those two, hither came they, with deep cruel intentions. One of them was hate. If there exists love in this world, that is assumed to be  one of the world’s sweetest and strongest powers, that may aspire to give life. Then, it wouldn’t be necessary for me to say what hate can do. If love gives life, probably the word that could take the same life away could be HATE. And, there it started, they don’t talk anymore!


It wasn’t  only hate, that came. Nay, bad things never knock your door alone! There stood ego too, with a look that’s partially enough for their love to change into dark broken pieces. Ego with an evil cunning look already started to do what it can and what it is supposed to. There came an end to those words that crossed between them. And now, they don’t talk anymore!

On the other hand, neither love was alone. It stood astonished, accompanied with great fear. I can never say that fear that stood, can never help love, as fear was weak. So weak that it can never fight, rather it could only add a plus point to the enemy’s side. Though love had a company, that could only bring her down, and, as I said, they don’t talk anymore!

Their enemies were already strong enough, but there came a further back up, it was anger this time. But, anger never was alone, it came along with irritation, annoyance. That is it, as that can be seen, this could have already made a very good side. There was no hope for love in the battle, where pain was felt, rather unseen. And it continued, as they didn’t talk anymore!

Love, which was alone, (fear? That never mattered.) called for help. It shouted aloud, “Help, help, help”. There came memories, with no idea with what was going on there. As it was one of the main reasons for them to be together all these days, it understood the situation at once that, they don’t talk anymore!

Still, it was a weak side, memories tried the best they could, but, could only vanish or fade away as soon as they came. Love with almost no hope and with a dilemma understood something. It wasn’t hate, ego and everything which came with their own intentions, it was love that was the reason for them to come. Yes, love called them. There came hate just because of the love they had between them. It wasn’t even hate, it was love disguised as hate, dressed as ego. But, they don’t still talk anymore!

Love, wanted everything back, and as it was in its near death, it wanted an end for it. And there came a solution, all of a sudden like a spark, and there it did text her, with hate and ego almost gone. But, love couldn’t stand the last villain. Hate and ego were no match for him. It was TIME at last. Love realised that it was already too late, jiggered, lifeless, with its eyes filled with tears and nothing else. Finally, we never talked anymore, like how we used to do!


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