Who was Mary Magdalene?

Jesus, who was probably the reason for all of us to celebrate X-mas today, had supposed to avail his blood line through Mary, who is normally addressed to his mother. But did anyone wonder if the blood line had its further trails or it had just vanished? So here it is, the answer for your questions, if you had one and for those who didn’t wonder, well here is probably something new for you.


Mary Magdalene, as everyone calls her, was one of the most beloved disciples of Jesus Christ, is believed that she had seen the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also believed that she is probably the reason for the blood line of Jesus that existed or that still exits in this world.

According to the Lost Gospel which was translated to English from Arabic, it has been delivered that Jesus had a wife, and her name was Mary Magdalene who was a prostitute, later who became his disciple and followed him in path! It is also believed that they had a child named Judah (based on an inscription found in Jerusalem). It also says that Mary was not his mother but it was Mary Magdalene who was his wife, though Bible said the same thing about the relationship, it justified that Mary and Magdalene were different people where people got confused with each other!

A French writer in his book says that the concubine (an impersonal relationship) between Mary Magdalene and Jesus was true and they had a son while they were heading to the South of France. In another book called ‘Jesus Died In Kashmir’, it was believed that he had a wife in Kashmir with whom he had many children. Later Bashrat Saleem  from the same region, claimed that he was a descendant of Jesus Christ’s blood, which started a new confusion in the trace of Jesus Christ’s blood line.

Barbara Thiering, in her book put a new theory of the blood line where she believed that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and they had two children. The first one was none other than Judah but the second child was a girl and was named as Saint Sarah.

Keeping the theories and books apart, there were many others like Bashrat Saleem who had claimed that they were Jesus Christ’s descendants whose names were Michel Roger, Lafosse, Kathleen MCcrowen, Suzanne Olsson and Sajiro sawaguchi. Their names show that the people who claimed were from different parts of the world, that just stays as an other mystery and concern.

Few people believe that this is and was just  a false theory, that Mary wasn’t his wife or he didn’t have any intercourse with her rather, she had just stayed as one of his disciples. But, “there are many proofs and evidences that state the theories are true”, says few. Well, no body knows what happened in the history. God knows!

Thanks for reading, share and support! And Merry Christmas 🙂


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