Where can Harry Potter pop up into Fantastic Beasts?


Heya muggles! For those potterheads who had missed harry Potter in theatres, for those who had wanted an other visual treat with magic, for those no-majs who never wanted an end to the wizarding world,there it is FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM.. What else do you want me to say about it? Okay, let me go straight into the point.. Have you ever wondered if Harry Potter ever had any connections with the fantastic beasts franchise? Well, if you had, then yes there are a lot more and here are few!

Dumbledore’s Grindlewald


Does any one know what relationship did our Hogwarts headmaster had with our fantastic beasts villain? Can anyone imagine Dumbledore in the perception of a gay? Well, I’m sorry but, probably I fear that, we should. Rowling wanted to reveal him a gay, but no one knows the reasons for her change of mind. However,I reckon that, this can be taken to relate what Dumbledore and Grindlewald had between them. I suppose they were a good couple, rather than good friends. Keeping their love track aside, it can be assumed that, the reason for their break up was his own sister, Ariana Dumbledore. AS from Aberforth sayings in Harry Potter, it can be concluded that Ariana was an obsurus too(An oscurus is what Grendlewald wants.), so here lies the reason and an other easter egg! Grindlewald killed Ariana? That wouldn’t be a surprise!

Beware of the Lestrange


Newt Scamander, our new hero of the wizarding world, had love for his school mate and her name was Leta. Her first name looks good,but her second name would undoubtedly  fill me with grief. LESTRANGE it is, the name that has links with Bellatrix, the great villi who drove us mad with her attitude! So Leta Lestrange who is about to arrive in the next film has very huge connections with Bellatrix! We should probably wait for the enigma about how Bellatrix and Leta are connected, to be revealed. On the other hand, there is a a guy called Anthony in Harry’s class! Could you try  guessing his sur name? Goldstein it is! The same name that the two main sister’s hold in the fantastic beasts. So here lies an other link!

Grandson’s good love


We never saw Newt’s romantic angle in the first film, may be we will in the forthcoming.. But his grandson Rolf is so romantic! And, sources say that he had a love track with Luna Lovegood, a very good friend of Harry’s. Luna’s and Rolf’s love resulted intwins, though we don’t have any info about the kids, there lies an other Easter egg!

The map that links


Newt Scamander, would have not been heard anywhere in the Harry Potter’s franchise, but I reckon you would have seen it! Well, let me drive you to the Azkaban. Remember those gifts from the Weasly twins? One of those gifts I wanted was Maurauder’s map! And if you had a keen look at it when Harry was using it, you would probably find “NEWT SCAMANDER”! So here lies an other one! Have any ideas what he was doing there? Is he still alive? Is he a ghost wandering Hogwarts? Can he connect magic with time travel? May be, he would have been there to visit Dumbledore, whom he is probably gonna meet in the next part or may be he was there to trade “Fantastic Beasts” with Hagrid.. we will have to wait and see for the goosebumps to come!

The mystery that lays in the necklace


It looks like the necklace that was shown in the deathly hallows plays an important role in fantastic beasts too! Graves gives credence the Pendant necklace of deathly hallows in the fantastic beasts! And there lies it. So probably the three elements have chances to pop up into the fantastic beasts! Apart from all these, there are more, Dumbledore had the elder wand but where did he get it from? Grindlewald it is. The plot where fantastic beasts starts is the year when YOU KNOW WHO was born. The robe Newt wore in the film belonged to Hupplepuff. There are lot more and more but I would like to end it up here with the best of them! Hope you enjoyed and I would like to thank one of my beloved buddies Baki, where this would have been impossible without her! And more are yet to come, just stay tuned!


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