Things where Nolan got me

Well, for those who doesn’t know who Chris Nolan is, here you go. Haven’t you ever wanted to be ‘The Batman’? Haven’t anyone said you the story and left you in ‘Interstellar’.? Haven’t you ever got your mind in an ‘Inception’.? Yea, he is the one who is the reason for those popular movies to exist.. He has directed a few more movies which weren’t popular among everyone but, which gave goosebumps  for those who have seen them.. Here is a list where Nolan has just got me as his fan..Capture.PNG

First of all let me start from the very base of the movie.. Yes, a title is where it starts and reckon me Nolan has even mastered the art of having a movie title.. Aren’t they catchy? Don’t they drag your desire to watch his movies? A single-word Nolan’s title just speaks a thousand more words..

Most of the Nolan’s films has a screenplay that just helps the movie go like a jet.. Yea you got me right.. You would never find a boring Nolan’s movie even if you try,that’s more probably because of its screenplay,though that’s more confusing for few, that’s the style where Nolan gets the movie right to audience.

The next thing is the main part and its the story part. Just try narrating a Nolan’s story to some one and reckon me you would end up as a mess.. That’s how it goes with it.. The plot he chooses makes people go crazy..

The most important thing is the cast.. Have you ever wondered why Nolan makes a film nearly with the same cast..? well, that’s just because they make the film the best by giving life to his characters.. It seems like he doesn’t cast some one for the role he has written.. Its like he writes a role specifically for someone..

The last but not the least and hopefully the best too! Haven’t any scene in a Nolan’s movie made your nerves bump and got you goosebumps? well, what else I can say about this then? There are twists and turns in each and every movie of Nolan that got me going high and high,that made me a huge fan of him!

For those sci-fi lovers, for those documentary lovers, for those superhero lovers, argh!! ‘For those movie lovers’ would be fine I guess! Here is Nolan for you.. Hope a year goes soon for the fans, so the desperate wait for DUNKIRK ends!!





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